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The Benefits of Compound Bows

The best compound bows are bows with a lever made of cables that bend the limbs. The arrow is ejected by the flex and power provided by the upper and lower portions.

Modern compound bows have stiffer limbs as compared to a recurve bow. When it comes to stiffness, compound bows cannot be marched to the wooden bows since they boast much greater stiffness.There is practically no way that a compound bow can be compared to compared to wooden bows since the materials that make them are superior.

A series of levers and pulley counteract the extra stiffness that the compound bow has. It would be practically impossible to flex the bow at all if it lacked the pulleys and levers.Drawing the string back provides a mechanical advantage that increases the energy to the peak weight and then energy is accurately released to launch the arrow.

It is very important to understand that the best compound bows can be conveniently used in any weather. The recurve bow is very different in this aspect. No one has ever heard someone who uses a wooden bow in damp weather or when it is raining. If you use the wooden bow in damp weather, you will realize how different it is from when you use it on sunny weather. In hot climates, the wood used in wooden bows crack as it releases the oil in the wood.

The appropriate time that the compound bow came into use is in the 1960s. That is the time when the first patent for the bow was applied for by a Missouri man. From that time on, serious hunters have gone for the compound bow, avoiding the wooden bow. The compound bow comes in handy if offering better velocity as well as increased accuracy.

Arguments abound among hunters on the best compound bow. They not only disagree in this but also on the best materials for making the bow. Some feel that aluminum should be used while others prefer magnesium and even aluminum alloy.

All the strength of the bow comes from the limbs, with no energy storage on either the pulleys or levers. Concerning is necessary for the wheels and cams to move the string, meaning that their construction is delicate.This movement must be smooth.Despite the fact that the term string is still in used, there is actually no string.In place of string, the best compound bows use highly efficient polyethylene cables that hold huge tensile strength.

They are not meant to stretch so as not to reduce efficiency which is reduced in stretching.Stretching is no good for efficiency.

Compound bows have much strength, velocity, and accuracy.

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