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Managing Female Urinary Incontinence Walnut Creek

Nothing distracts a woman’s confidence than an abdominal pain. Having a urinary tract infection and feeling pain in the pelvic area can derail a career or relationship as the female puts her concentration towards soothing herself and curing the pain. The situation is worse when the discharges affect her esteem. But this should not always the case. It’s not anything abnormal to experience abdominal issues because millions of ladies across the world have the same problem. But, it should be definitely solved! Experts treat Female incontinence in Walnut Creek.

So, what is this urinary tract infection?

The condition in which a woman loses her ability to hold urine is called stress incontinence. It results from the movement physical movements made by a person which push the bladder to the extent that it cannot hold urine anymore. These movements could be external or internal. Some of those that the individual starts spontaneously include sneezing, coughing, running, lifting weights and hearty laughter. This condition occurs when muscles and tissues supporting the bladder end up losing their strength.

One of the major causes of this condition is childbirth. During childbirth, the sphincter muscles at the bladder’s opening may get too weak to support the closure and this ends up to leaking of urine. Some of the other factors that could lead to this condition include hysterectomy, ageing, too much weight as well as pelvic surgery. It is then strengthened by smoking, excessive caffeine, and alcohol consumption as well as hormonal imbalance.

Pelvic pain? See the cure!

When you realize that you have this condition, do not shy off from talking to your doctor about it. At least, this is a condition that is common and you can always get treated. Talk with the best tract infection specialist in Walnut Creek and you will be treated. To manage the condition, use the following tips!


If you change some of your behaviors, you can end up treating stress incontinence. This behavior change involves exercises that target the pelvic floor muscles. Others include neuro-stimulation, biofeedback and a decreased consumption of alcoholic and caffeine drinks. After this, you will need to cut weight, stop smoking, start a schedule in which you go to the toilet regularly and then seek medication to treat the chronic coughs.


If the condition is severe, then you should go for a surgery by an expert such as at the Female Urinary Incontinence Walnut Creek center. Such surgery targets to strengthen the neck of the bladder and support the balder to hold urine for long.

Use artificial methods

You can also employ artificial methods to strengthen the wall and neck of the bladder. This prevents the leakage, and also gives the woman some more time to get to the toilet before she can ‘mess’. The best thing about these devices is that they are healthy as they pose no side effects.

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