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Interesting Space Facts You Probably Don’t Know About

Looking at the things that we have around, to discover more about the expanding universe is something that really is a great achievement. Because of it being that people definitely know little about our universe basically is what makes it interest to dive deeper into the unknown.

So that you will get to learn more about space facts and whatnot, reading along should help and aid you with regards to knowing more about what most people don’t know yet.

Among the things that people may not know about is that our sun could actually fit a million Earths inside. The sun that we have also is one that basically falls among the average-sized stars while there also are other stars that are bigger in immense differences.

Over the years, people and scientists just thought of Earth to be the only planet in the solar system that is gifted enough to have waters until just recently. Little did scientists know, that there also is water on Mars that runs intermittently. This was just recently noticed and confirmed by scientists at NASA confirmed and found the strongest pieces of evidence.

Not everyone knows what a comet is composed of as well but back when the solar system was born 4.5 billion years ago, these still have the very components they had back then, which include ice, carbon dioxide, and sand. Jumping on Mars and Moon may be possible but in Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Jupiter, this will be impossible since there is no solid surface you could jump on from.

Also, if people are given a ticket to travel from Earth to Pluto, it will take them about 800 years until they make their landing on the Pluto, which, leaves everyone dead even before they reach halfway. That alone should give you a perspective on how far Pluto really is.

If you are going to think where garbage go in space, they basically don’t go anywhere but just revolve around the Earth. These garbage actually are estimated to reach about 500,000 pieces already, all of these are just orbiting the Earth. These possible garbage range from a number of pieces, from spanners, satellites, rocket fragment and more, all of which are from the ISS or the International Space Station.

Did you even know we have an asteroid that enters the Earth’s atmosphere each year, but the good thing is that these things actually burn up completely before they make any impact at all?

The name of the highest mountain known that sits on an asteroid is named Vesta. If you are to compare its height to that of the tallest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest, it will take about 3 of it to break even its 22km height.

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